How to fold a TeeShirt by just pinching with both hands.Cross your hands.Then drag your hands to place.Flip the TeeShirt and fold it in 5 seconds.):

There are many ways to fold a TeeShirt. This is the best way because it is fast and easy to catch. If you follow this old way of folding TeeShirts, all your TeeShirts will be folded exactly like in the shopping complexes and departmental stores nationwide. This is the standard way of folding TeeShirts. Enjoy yourself while you preserve time. Time is precious ! With every 5 seconds you spend folding a TeeShirts, you can spend your time folding many. And with mastery and self-effort, you can fold TeeShirts with skill. This tactic is used in all departmental stores and boutiques. It is fast and easy. Try it and see the difference ! Mastery with its self-effect ! Zoom, zoom, zoom, all TeeShirts are folded up nice and easy. THUMBS UP!


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