This is the Essential Style of dressing Graphic T- Shirts. =)

If you have more money to spend, then this is the essential style of dressing up with your Graphic Tees. Happy Shopping !

Freedom to choose whatever you need to dress is given to every individual provided this individual knew how to take care of herself and not show too much of her body for fear of misuse of mishaps. It is always better to dress up safely so that at the end of the day, you may arrive back home safely safe and sound. In Malaysia, there are many violent crimes commited due to sin and overexposure of the body. So it is wise to dress to cover up your front part of your torso for fear of being rape in Malaysia. Asian women always dress long and fully covered up because this is a Muslim country and our dressings are covered by law. Too much exposure are not good for the eyes!

To fight violent crimes and snatch thieves and intruders in this country especially at shopping complexes and malls it is always better to dress up in long pants and full sleeves as like the picture above. We can always run from calamities and obstruction to safety. Especially when facing with intruders at car parking spots in the vicintiy, it is always safer to run so in dressing up, we must be able to run and thus dressing plays an important role to our exposure to crime. We must always dress up to be prepared to run ! Run to safety. There are so many reports on car-intruders in the local newspaper on car theft and snatch thefts and violent rape which leads to death on behalf of the victims. And the target is always women. So women in Malaysia must truly dress up to fight crimes which is to run to safety whenever their car has been overpowered by huge men or many armed robbers!

Always dress up in long pants or jeans and always cover your torso by wearing graphic tees BASICS or long sleeves cardigan or sweater when you are going for a jog. There was a case where joggers are molested at the street parks – maybe they are wearing obscene clothing or they are exposing their bodies too freely. Remember this is a Muslim country, so dress to please ! Overall it is always pleasing to dress up in BASICS tees and jeans because you can run with it and fight crime and detention !



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