This is the Essential Style of dressing Graphic T- Shirts. =)

If you have more money to spend, then this is the essential style of dressing up with your Graphic Tees. Happy Shopping !

Freedom to choose whatever you need to dress is given to every individual provided this individual knew how to take care of herself and not show too much of her body for fear of misuse of mishaps. It is always better to dress up safely so that at the end of the day, you may arrive back home safely safe and sound. In Malaysia, there are many violent crimes commited due to sin and overexposure of the body. So it is wise to dress to cover up your front part of your torso for fear of being rape in Malaysia. Asian women always dress long and fully covered up because this is a Muslim country and our dressings are covered by law. Too much exposure are not good for the eyes!

To fight violent crimes and snatch thieves and intruders in this country especially at shopping complexes and malls it is always better to dress up in long pants and full sleeves as like the picture above. We can always run from calamities and obstruction to safety. Especially when facing with intruders at car parking spots in the vicintiy, it is always safer to run so in dressing up, we must be able to run and thus dressing plays an important role to our exposure to crime. We must always dress up to be prepared to run ! Run to safety. There are so many reports on car-intruders in the local newspaper on car theft and snatch thefts and violent rape which leads to death on behalf of the victims. And the target is always women. So women in Malaysia must truly dress up to fight crimes which is to run to safety whenever their car has been overpowered by huge men or many armed robbers!

Always dress up in long pants or jeans and always cover your torso by wearing graphic tees BASICS or long sleeves cardigan or sweater when you are going for a jog. There was a case where joggers are molested at the street parks – maybe they are wearing obscene clothing or they are exposing their bodies too freely. Remember this is a Muslim country, so dress to please ! Overall it is always pleasing to dress up in BASICS tees and jeans because you can run with it and fight crime and detention !



How to Wear : Graphic Tees – with matching outfits to go with it for style. I like the casual wear with sports shoes because it is trendy and cheap.)))))

You can wear only one type of Graphic Tees that you like to go along with the rest of your outfit to where ever destination you are about to arrive. The above video shows you how to dress up for different functions and different destinations.

10 ways to wear XL T-Shirt – Salinabear.

Salina bear designs a lot of fashionable T-Shirts and here are 10 ways to wear an XL T-Shirt with fashionable tastes ! Enjoy yourself ! Dress up with style as you go with Salina bear ! Salina bear designs fashionable XL T-Shirts to wear by just cutting up with a pair of scissors and by using a piece of string to pull, blend and adjust the cutting of the design !

By adjusting a belt around your waist, you can alter your XL T-shirt design according to your fashion that you want. All 10 ways to wear XL T-Shirts after cutting and altering with a pair of scissors are beautiful. This is a good tuitorial lesson for soon-to-be tailors. GOOD LUCK !

How to design your very own graphic T-shirts with wonderful sleeves cuts !

You can now design your very own style of wearing T-shirts ! By just cutting the sleeves with a pair of scissors you can design your very own fashionable T-shirts to become fashionable clothes ! While it is hard to buy clothes to dress up according to your taste, now you can be the master of your very own design. Use a pair of scissors and by watching this you tube, master the skill of cutting and tieing with a piece of string to design fashionable T-shirts wear ! Happy Trying !

How to fold a TeeShirt by just pinching with both hands.Cross your hands.Then drag your hands to place.Flip the TeeShirt and fold it in 5 seconds.):

There are many ways to fold a TeeShirt. This is the best way because it is fast and easy to catch. If you follow this old way of folding TeeShirts, all your TeeShirts will be folded exactly like in the shopping complexes and departmental stores nationwide. This is the standard way of folding TeeShirts. Enjoy yourself while you preserve time. Time is precious ! With every 5 seconds you spend folding a TeeShirts, you can spend your time folding many. And with mastery and self-effort, you can fold TeeShirts with skill. This tactic is used in all departmental stores and boutiques. It is fast and easy. Try it and see the difference ! Mastery with its self-effect ! Zoom, zoom, zoom, all TeeShirts are folded up nice and easy. THUMBS UP!