Graphic tees on love.

  1. Love Hurts Graphic T-Shirts. Olivia Wilde is a filmstar who divorced her Italian prince because their marriage was requiring more effort and returning less fun. “I don’t think love should be work,” the actress told an interviewer, “My parents have been married for 35 years. They said,” You have to work at it. That’s what it takes.” But we tried, and it wasn’t making us happy.” Olivia’s comments reflect a misunderstanding of both the meaning and the motivation of love. It appears she infers that the purpose of love is to please ourselves, not others. She suggests that love exists to make us happy, and that if we’re not happy, we’re no longer in love. Olivia believes her problem is as follows : “I’m a ridiculous romantic. I have very high standards for every part of life – my work, my relationships, food, love. I can’t just pretend.” Actually, her standards aren’t too high – they’re too low. I hope one day she finds the fullness of love that Jesus offers. The apostle John declares that true love was most clearly revealed on the cross. Jesus’ sacrifice proves thatĀ  love isn’t a feeling, unless you count the feeling of despair that welled up in His cry, “My God, My God, why have You abandoned Me?” (Mark 15:34) Love doesn’t seek its own happiness, but requires that we sacrifice for oneĀ  another. Paul explains that “love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance” (1 Corinthians 13:7). In other words it often feels a lot like work. Love isn’t guaranteed to bring us happiness, but it is guaranteed to hurt. C.S. Lewis wrote :” To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken.” Love anyway. It’s worth the hurt. – Mike Wittmer.

Overcoming Adversity.


Every adversity has within it the seeds of an equivalent or a greater benefit. As you meet the circumstances of life they may seem adverse and damaging. Later you find that every so-called misfortune sows the seed of greater fortune to come. To help this mighty dynamic work its wonders in your life, close the door on your past. Carry along with you only what is pleasant and instructive. Leaving gloom and pain behind you, you can see the future and make it yours.

Keep yourself aware of life’s endless combinations of circumstances. Do not believe that one experience of lost love or lost opportunity or other misfortune has ended your chances of winning what you thought you had lost. Some of the world’s greatest men knew failure after failure as they grew toward their ultimate success. Even a handicap becomes a benefit when the man himself decides the way in which it will be a benefit to him.

When you speak of failure you attract failure, when you speak of success you attract success. The failure typically dwells upon his failure and drags it through his life like a prisoner dragging his chains. The failure also tends to be envious of those who succeed, and his envy and his malice rob him not only of wealth but also of peace of mind. Every age has its special advantages. An entire business may be labeled failure and yet come to life and make millions in the hands of a man who sees success and speaks only of success.

Is there a definite connection between wealth and peace of mind? There is a strong connection, but it is not unbreakable. Sufficient money is necessary to almost everyone who wishes to attain peace of mind, but wealth can steal happiness away from those who make it dishonestly or do not use it correctly. Use your work and your wealth to help others. Above all, make sure that as you climb the ladder of success, you do not step upon anyone else. Cutting the corners of dishonesty sets up a feeling of guilt which can destroy happiness. Even so, one who has erred can put his error firmly in the past, close the door and go on to great accomplishment.

GO THE EXTRA MILE. In work situations especially, grudges and a feeling of resentment play havoc with the mind’s ability to conceive and achieve. Going the extra mile has a tonic effect in relieving the mind of built-in obstacles. Add to your work more than you are paid for. Always qualify yourself for the next step upward and the steps beyond. People who succeed are not people who hold grudges or who withhold their best work, but those who in every act and thought PAVE their way toward greater things.


Your subconscious is your book of Life.

Whatever thoughts, beliefs, opinions, theories, or dogmas you write, engrave, or impress on your subconscious mind, you will experience them as the objective manifestation of circumstances, conditions, and events. What you write on the inside, you will experience on the outside. You have two sides to your life, objective and subjective, visible and invisible, thought and its manifestation.

Your thought is received as a pattern of neural firings in your cerebral cortex, which is the organ of your conscious reasoning mind. Once your conscious or objective mind accepts the thought completely, it is transmitted to the older parts of the brain, where it becomes flesh and is made manifest in your experience.

As previously outlined, your subconscious cannot argue. It acts only from what you write on it. It accepts your verdict or the conclusions of your conscious mind as final. This is why you are always writing on the book of life, because your thoughts become your experiences. The American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said, “Man is what he thinks all day long.”

Our Picture determines how we handle failure.

Cal Ripken, the shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles, recently signed a five-year contract for over $30 million. However, last year Cal got only about one hit for every four times he stepped to the plate. Now let’s think together about this for a moment. If you had failed three times out of four in your primary job, how would you feel about it? What would your self-image or picture of yourself be?

Question: What do you think Cal Ripken’s picture of himself is when he steps up to the plate? Do you really think that he’s thinking, Boy, what a waste of time!Chances are only one out of four I’m going to get a hit! I don’t know why I bother with this anyhow. Sure, they pay me a lot of money, but this is embarassing and terribly discouraging to get only one hit for every four trips to the plate. There has to be another way to make a living! I’m just a loser. I’m no good, and I don’t know why I put myself through this torture so everybody else can see what I already know! Do you think that’s his self-talk? Then what is his self-talk?

I believe as he steps to the plate with considerable eagerness to face the pitcher, Cal is thinking to himself, Okay, you got me the last time, but I’ve got your number this time. I’ve been thinking it through, watching you, and I happen to know I’m one of the best athletes in the world. I’ve hit that ball under every circumstance known to man. I’ve gotten hits off tall pitchers and short pitchers, winning pitchers and losing pitchers. I’ve hit in close games and runaway games, and this time you better watch out because I’m coming after you. This is my turn !

Cal Ripken sees himself as a winner, and he is elated that he now has a chance to step back up to the plate.


MENTAL-MOVIE METHOD.As the old saying proclaims,”A picture is worth a thousand words.” The fact must be stressed that the subconscious mind will bring to pass any picture held in the mind and backed by faith: Act as though I am, and I will be.

The visualisation technique. The easiest and most obvious way to formulate an idea is to visualize it, to see it in your mind’s eye as vividly as if it were alive. You can see with the naked eye only what already exists in the external world. In a similar way, that which you can visualize in your mind’s eye already exists in the realms of your mind. Any picture you have in your mind is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. What you form in your imagination is as real as any part of your body. The idea and the thought are real and will one day appear in your objective world if you are faithful to your mental image. I visualize this two pictures. Amen !